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A big birthday at Christmas brings big sister back home. Should the fractures be ignored, celebrated or soaked in Angel Delight?

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GLUE is a short film exploring the tumultuous yet ultimately beautiful relationship between two sisters in the midst of a family tragedy. A domestic drama with comedic undertones, Olive and Yasmin have been through so much with and without each other - is it repairable?


Actor (Olive)
(Female, 23 to 28 years old)

Role status:


In return for:

Love and learning + expenses


Filming to begin at the end of Feb/beginning of March for no longer than a week.


Based in Bristol, United Kingdom

23 years old, Olive left home after university to work in the world of radio. She’s working her way up - has been a gofer, a runner, a researcher, an assistant - it sometimes feels like a never-ending slog. But she’s smart; she will get there. Obviously about five years older than her sister, that age gap is something she’s always felt keenly. But unlike some big sisters, she has shirked any close caring role, refusing to be in any way maternal or to fuss over “the baby”.

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