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Glue (Short film)

A big birthday at Christmas brings big sister back home. Should the fractures be ignored, celebrated or soaked in Angel Delight?

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GLUE is a short film exploring the tumultuous yet ultimately beautiful relationship between two sisters in the midst of a family tragedy. A domestic drama with comedic undertones, Olive and Yasmin have been through so much with and without each other - is it repairable?


Isabelle Larché Bristol/London, United Kingdom

Bristol and London-based, RTS Award-winning filmmaker.


Gill Kirk Bath/Bristol/London, United Kingdom

Stage & screen writer. Writer's Residency, Pitlochry Festival Theatre 2019, Channel 4's 4Screenwriting, Screen Yorkshire Triangle, BBC Drama Scriptroom top 3%, 2018.


Ben Davies Bristol/Shrewsbury, United Kingdom

Ben Davies is a director of phography based in the UK with extensive experience on short films and working within high-end television drama. Currently producing videograpy with DoesitFeelgood .com


Gemma Louise Elliott Bristol, United Kingdom

An aspiring prop maker and set dresser, studying in Bristol at Screenology. I am open to catering to all your crafting needs! Whether it be commercial, freelance or studio work.


Leah Geary Bristol, United Kingdom

3rd Year Screenology Film Student.

  • Set Designer

Juliet Barry London, United Kingdom

Aspiring screenwriter and actor based in London, with professional experience in running and set dressing.

  • Actor (Yazmin )

Joe Trickey Bristol, United Kingdom

I'm Joe. I want to help you make your films awesome.


Jacob Bryant Bristol, United Kingdom

Sound Techie here to fulfill your sound needs.


Mike Clarke United Kingdom

  • 2nd Assistant Camera

Jack Head United Kingdom

Emerging filmmaker, focusing specifically on camerawork. Beginning to expand into higher level, professional work.


Jonathan Price Bristol/North wales, United Kingdom

Director of photography from north Wales working in Bristol


Izzy Greenslade Bristol/London, United Kingdom

Creator at Base Sixteen / Studying at Screenology. Eager to develop my camera skills further and always enjoy working with set design.


Kegan Kenniford Bristol, United Kingdom

  • 1st Assistant Director

Lux Pemberton Unconfirmed

Student filmmaker


Nick Roden Unconfirmed

Director, Producer, Editor, Sound Recordist, Cinematographer and Photographer operating out of North Wales and Bristol. Content