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Glue (Short film)

A big birthday at Christmas brings big sister back home. Should the fractures be ignored, celebrated or soaked in Angel Delight?

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GLUE is a short film exploring the tumultuous yet ultimately beautiful relationship between two sisters in the midst of a family tragedy. A domestic drama with comedic undertones, Olive and Yasmin have been through so much with and without each other - is it repairable?

Isabelle Larché Bristol/London, United Kingdom

Bristol and London-based award-winning filmmaker. Let’s collab!

Gill Kirk Bath/Bristol/London, United Kingdom

Stage & screen writer. Writer's Residency, Pitlochry Festival Theatre 2019, Channel 4's 4Screenwriting, Screen Yorkshire Triangle, BBC Drama Scriptroom top 3%, 2018.

Ben Davies Bristol/Shrewsbury, United Kingdom

Ben Davies is a director of phography based in the UK with extensive experience on short films and working within high-end television drama. Currently producing videograpy with DoesitFeelgood .com

Gemma Louise Elliott Bristol, United Kingdom

Specialising in art department such as: Theatre, Film and music videos.

Leah Geary Bristol, United Kingdom

3rd Year Screenology Film Student.

  • Set Designer

Juliet Barry London, United Kingdom

Aspiring screenwriter and actor based in London, with professional experience in running and set dressing.

  • Actor (Yazmin )

Joe Trickey Bristol, United Kingdom

I'm Joe. I want to help you make your films awesome.

Jacob Pantastico Bryant Bristol, United Kingdom

Jacob is a videographer and sound techie based in Bristol.

Jack Head Bristol, United Kingdom

Focused on camerawork and cinematography

Jonathan Price (JP) Bristol/North wales, United Kingdom

Director of photography from north Wales working in Bristol

Izzy Greenslade Bristol/London, United Kingdom

Creator at Base Sixteen / Studying at Screenology. Eager to develop my camera skills further and always enjoy working with set design.

Lux Pemberton Bristol, United Kingdom

Writer, director, filmmaker, shrek fan

Nick Roden Unconfirmed

Director, Producer, Editor, Sound Recordist, Cinematographer and Photographer operating out of North Wales and Bristol. Content