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Production avatar goblin mikkanen

Goblin Mikkanen Skogas, Sweden

Avatar 2x gzwqlq

Barry O'Brien Ireland

Film Distributor, Producers Rep and Sales Agent.

Avatar 2x gzwqlq

Alice Parkes Newport, United Kingdom

Colourist at Clothcat Animation

Production avatar charlotte loynes

Charlotte Loynes London, United Kingdom

Executive Producer at Seed Animation Studio.

Production avatar anna blandford

Anna Blandford United Kingdom

Writer-director Anna Blandford makes commercials and narrative films with a distinctive authorial voice and a strong visual aesthetic.

Production avatar debanjan nandy

Debanjan Nandy High wycombe, United Kingdom

Production avatar michael brookes

Michael Brookes London, United Kingdom

My name is Mike and I'm Head of Design for Across The Pond in London. ATP is a creative partner of the Google Creative Lab.

Production avatar maud lazzerini

Maud Lazzerini France

I have an MA from Stonestreet Studio. I wrote and directed short film Juliette (2012) and directed Betty (2013) I am currently director at Or Films.

Production avatar matthew lee

Matthew Lee United Kingdom

I am a motion graphics designer with many years professional industry experience including the role of head of motion graphics at BAFTA award winning studio Jellyfish Pictures.

Production avatar niina virtanen

Niina Virtanen Finland

My hardworking nature has got me working as a producer, production coordinator and production assistant in the digital field and internet, tv and short films.

  • Producer
  • Production Coordinator
  • Production Assistant
Production avatar karine blanc

Karine Blanc France

Avatar 2x gzwqlq

Mark Lewis London, United Kingdom

Publicist at Universal Music

Production avatar herman slagter

Herman Slagter Rotterdam, Netherlands

Lawyer turned film producer