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Cahootify JustMakeIt! Film Conference 2022

2220 results

Bryony Coles Bristol, United Kingdom

Aspiring Northern Irish film-maker based in Bristol

Patricia Hetherington London, United Kingdom

Film Producer and First AD. Runs Action On The Side Weekend Filmmaking.

Tom Brereton Downs Bath, United Kingdom

In pursuit of brilliance by making lots of mistakes.

William Jesmond De Clermont Bath, United Kingdom

An experienced all rounder with work on Stage, Screen, Radio and the Edinburgh Fringe.

Samuel Hurcomb Bristol/Birmingham, United Kingdom

Alex Russo Oxford, United Kingdom

As an aspiring young actor, I've always wanted to be able to inspire and uplift the audience, be that on camera or on-stage. At this point in my life I feel ready to blossom into a professional and chameleonic actor.

Ellen Purse Bristol, United Kingdom

Ellen Purse has worked in various different roles on both professional and student shoots. She has a positive, hard working, attitude. that means she is always ready to learn and improve her craft.

Joe Wells Bristol, United Kingdom

Aspiring to carve a path in the wonderful world of film. A keen eye for visual storytelling, I hope to apply my academic knowledge of film and performance to help bring incredible stories to life. Also write and edit, can produce and act.

Ellie Sedlen Bristol, United Kingdom

Multidisciplinary creator, currently in my final year of study at Screenology, Bristol. Working mostly in commercial filmmaking but experienced and passionate about fine art and graphic design! Aspiring freelance videographer.

Ria Bale Bristol, United Kingdom

Freelance Runner & Editor based in Bristol

Klingfilms Ltd Gloucester, United Kingdom

Meet Lloyd & Gary, we just want to tell stories, have fun and of course make the world a better place!

Ollie Parsons Exeter/Bristol, United Kingdom

Maker of films. Whatever that may mean.

Marcus Carroll Gloucester, United Kingdom

An actor, based in South-West England with experience in Theatre, Film and Musical Theatre.

Tanicka Fenty Bristol, United Kingdom

Im a creative film maker from Bristol. Studying at Weston College on the FDA Film and Media, making independent short films, music video and experimental pieces.