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Charlie Harman Bristol, United Kingdom

Relentless optimist, organisation enthusiast and lover of all things creative!

Ron Morrow Bath, United Kingdom

Bath CTV Station Manager / Writer / Student

Emma Youmans Bristol, United Kingdom

Film Studies Graduate who loves the arts!

Dorothy Dunn London, United Kingdom

A passion for film, especially a penchant for French New Wave!

Simon Starr Bradford on avon, United Kingdom

Co-founder and CTO of Cahootify. I love solving problems and putting things in alphabetical order.

Lucy Manda Bristol, United Kingdom

  • Model

Sophie Taylor Bath, United Kingdom

It Won't Last Forever is a 6 minute short film drama. Following the story of Sylvia and James who have been together for years and are engaged. However the relationship turns rotten and leaves Sylvia needing to escape by an means necessary.

Mark Jury Cardiff, United Kingdom


Liam Wallace Cardiff, United Kingdom

All round creative. Dancer/Choreographer/Teacher of a mixture of different dance styles.