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Siddiqui Media Weston-super-Mare, United Kingdom

Authentic Visual Content.

Brandon Shears Bristol, United Kingdom

An inspiring filmmaker who's determined to prove his worth in the industry. @Screenology

Hurricane Bristol, United Kingdom

Hurricane is a strategic creative agency; video production & marketing, award-winning content creation & campaign management.

Tyler Cooper Exeter/Bristol, United Kingdom

Freelance Camera Operator living in the South West

Tim Wells Bath, United Kingdom

An actor singer (mainly blues) and voice artist with own studio based in Bath, N.E. Somerset. Over twenty years experience in most areas of performance, on stage, on camera and in studio.

Jack Eastman Bristol/Hastings, United Kingdom

An eager film student looking to work on sound recording, mixing and production.

Jonathan Price (JP) Bristol/North wales, United Kingdom

Director of photography from north Wales working in Bristol

Rob Moth Weston-super-Mare, United Kingdom

Editor, Colourist, and Sound Mixer, with experience working on commercial trailers for events, in addition to short films.

Madeline Bowers Bristol, United Kingdom

Fresh meat at Plimsoll Productions. Director/Producer/Writer. Performer and Sound Artist.

Charlie Mason Northampton/Bristol, United Kingdom

Award-winning Director. Writer. Editor.

Michael McGrath Bristol/Birmingham, United Kingdom

An energetic and enthusiastic creative finding his feet in the film industry. Currently studying at Screenology Film School with a focus on Production.

Ike Khan London, United Kingdom

I am a founding member of NKM Media and work extensively in the development and production of new film and television projects.

NKM Media London, United Kingdom

Founded in 2011 and with offices in London’s West End and L.A., California, NKM Media produce Commercials, Film and Television, Corporate Films and Events.

Jack Head Bristol, United Kingdom

Focused on camerawork and cinematography

Dan Tonkin United Kingdom

The guy that enjoys making the one's who say "that can't be done" eat their words when I go in and do it!

Kyle Borg Bristol/Worthing/London, United Kingdom

I can talk your ear off about Narrative theory, that's probably why my colleagues enjoy watching me die in their films... They know I'm right though

Alice Coles Bristol, United Kingdom

Actor & Consultant now based in Bristol with a varied and exciting CV.