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In Progress

Zone 10 (Short film)

Every night the house alarm goes off in Zone 10... except Zone 10 doesn't exist.


Lydia Stock Bristol, United Kingdom

Filmmaking student in Bristol. Trying to make a name in the film industry.

Jonita Lushi Bristol/London, United Kingdom

Currently in film school looking forward to gaining experience in everything to do with film!

Jacob Pantastico Bryant Bristol, United Kingdom

Videographer and Sound techie based in Bristol

Cleave Redford-Lane Bristol, United Kingdom

I am a film student at Screenology with a great interest in script writing, camera work, editing and directing. I'm a very determined person and I am hoping to expand my skills to a professional level.

Will Newcombe Bristol, United Kingdom

Film student currently studying in Bristol.

Michael McGrath Bristol/Birmingham, United Kingdom

An energetic and enthusiastic creative finding his feet in the film industry. Currently studying at Screenology Film School with a focus on Production.

William Barnett-Jones Bristol/Taunton, United Kingdom

20/Bristol/ Screenology Student

  • Gaffer