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Event Producer

Role status:

Will close on 10 November, 2021

In return for:

Love and learning


14 months from 13 August, 2021


Based in London, United Kingdom

I would like you to come up with an idea of yours starting from scratch as the event producer which will be interesting.

I would like you to come up with any suggestions for an album, show, single etc. starting from scratch which will be suitable for 2022 in order to mark its centenary of the BBC.

I suggest a deluxe music related studio album of new songs to be performed by the super group of 30 mixed famous young adult boy/girl singing celebrities from the UK - 15 boys and 15 girls in solos, duets, trios, quartets, quintets etc. will be nice for you to work on and I would like you to start it from scratch.

We have found the record label and we thought this would be a perfect fit for you to choose.

There are EMI, Polydor, Island Records, Capitol Records, Columbia, Decca, RCA, Atlantic, Warner Records, East West, BMG, Concord Records or independent - you have to choose.

And also we would love it if you choose the A&R of chosen record label and three executive producers and they will be keen to work with you on this landmark project.

More details on that once the track listing is done.

I'm an amateur kind of guy with no training at all.

I'm just a fan of these events you organise.

I used to organise these events but not anymore.

The release date of this entire album project is Friday 11th November 2022 followed by many radio, TV and award show appearances in fall 2022 and selected concert tour dates with no support acts at all in 2023.

Before that there's going to be a three month major promotional worldwide tour in order to promote this landmark project.

Please apply if you are up for it.

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