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Songs of Oaths and Men (Web series)

Fantasy/Adventure web series in early production stages. Think a cross between Game of Thrones and Vikings! Hopefully big things to come!


Harvey Spranklin Bristol/Wiltshire, United Kingdom

Bristol based cinematographer/Director looking to lead and work on some kickass projects! Passions include the fantasy/adventure genre as well as a keen interest in Wildlife documentary!


Lydia Stock Bristol, United Kingdom

Filmmaking student in Bristol. Trying to make a name in the film industry.


Mark James United Kingdom

Southwest based Director of photography working on Narrative and promo work


Chris Hepburn Bristol/Birmingham, United Kingdom

Independent Artist turned Photographer & Designer, over 20 years music industry management, design & promo experience. 10 years fashion & costume stylist & direction. Creative project management with some acting experience.

  • Art Director

Drew Sewell Bristol, United Kingdom

Bristol based sound recordist with transport and PSC kit. Available for any location sound recording. Highly professional and resourceful ethos.

  • Sound Mixer

Dermot Fleming Bristol, United Kingdom

My main experiences are runner / PA but I’ve recently began working in lighting. I’ve already worked on a short film as a lighting gaffer (with more filming to do) using both LED and HMI lighting. I do have some equipment but not a lot

  • Gaffer