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Time (2018)

A short stylised poetry film following four mini stories of young adults and their relationship with time at a turning point in their adult lives.

Full Project Team and Needs


(Female, 18 to 25 years old)

Role status:

Closed on 07 January, 2019

In return for:

Love and learning + expenses

No budget i'm afraid but will make sure any travel expenses are covered and you are well fed and credited on IMDB as well as invites to any screenings that may take place for film. Actors will also be included in profit share if successful in film festivals


1 day

Call time may require being on location in darkness, pre-sunrise or sunset. Please allow yourself enough time to get to set safely to set.


Based in Exeter, United Kingdom

Early 20's alternative look, like she would be seen in or at a rock show.

After a huge rift in their young relationship Josh and Leah (female actor) find resolve by seeing life is too short and find cathartic relief through burning their old car. A kind of purge of their upsets and bring a better version of their relationship.

Fire will be monitored and supervised by our SFX team under strict safety protocols and risk assessments.

Non-speaking modelling role

Very small and friendly skeleton crew

Shooting mostly around North Devon area over two day period.

Very much look forward to having you on board! :)

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