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Song Of The Open Road (Short film, 2018)

A young artist prepares for her last performance which involves the taking of her own life in order to make a statement regarding Huntington's disease.

Sonia Wargacka Bristol, United Kingdom

Videographer working globally, film producer, a unicorn.

W Unpublished

Performer, writer and theater maker currently experimenting with filmmaking

  • Writer

Sophie Foxley Bristol/Shrewsbury, United Kingdom

Shropshire & Bristol based producer & 1st AD. Particularly interested in comedy & LGBT content.

Adam Adams Bristol, United Kingdom

Young media composer with a goal to help you elevate YOUR story!

Ben Davies Bristol/Shrewsbury, United Kingdom

Ben Davies is a director of phography based in the UK with extensive experience on short films and working within high-end television drama. Currently producing videograpy with DoesitFeelgood .com

Isabelle Larché Bristol/London, United Kingdom

Bristol and London-based RTS Award-winning filmmaker.

Joe Trickey Bristol, United Kingdom

I'm Joe. I want to help you make your films awesome.

Emmely Slabon Bristol, United Kingdom

I love sound work, whether that's in the middle of a forrest on a cold day, or editing the day away in the studio.

Jack Head Bristol, United Kingdom

Focused on camerawork and cinematography

Eve Pyra Bristol, United Kingdom

Visual Artist & Animator. I love making interesting projects happen!