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Podium (Short film)

Profile for Hamidah Duffus


(Female, 18 to 24 years old)

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In return for:

Partnership (expenses paid)


1 day from 10 September, 2022


Based in Bristol, United Kingdom

Looking for a female actor, early 20s for an experimental film.

Estimated shoot day 10th September Preferably south west based as it's a micro-budget self-funded film A silent film, under 5 minutes Can cover travel expenses and provide lunch on the day.

Quick synopsis - it's about a girl with severe stage fright who is forced to face those fears after being tasked with giving a speech in front of a large audience. She imagines them turning into man-eating monsters.


It'll be a cool production and may open up future collaborations. I've always got wild ideas brimming in this head of mine.

Everything is sorted just need an actor - location will be booked when we've casted.

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