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Iris (Short film, 2021)

A man learns of the death of a family member just as he embarks on a trip. Hiding it from those around him, he unveils his isolating pain to us through movement

Madeline Bowers Bristol, United Kingdom

Fresh meat at Plimsoll Productions. Writer/Director/Producer. Performer and Sound Artist.

Sam Anghelides Bristol/Southampton, United Kingdom

I do a little bit of everything to do w/ film. Known by some as 'Sam Angl' and others as 'who?'.

Liam Wallace Cardiff, United Kingdom

All round creative. Dancer/Choreographer/Teacher of a mixture of different dance styles.

Ben Davies Unconfirmed

Ben Davies is a director of phography based in the UK with extensive experience on short films and working within high-end television drama. Currently producing videograpy with DoesitFeelgood .com

Gemma Louise Elliott Bristol, United Kingdom

An aspiring prop maker and set dresser, studying in Bristol at Screenology. I am open to catering to all your crafting needs! Whether it be commercial, freelance or studio work.

Daniel Curtis Bristol/Oxford/London, United Kingdom

1st AD/Director. Please actually read my call sheets, I make them for a reason.

Dermot Fleming Unconfirmed

My main experiences are runner / PA but I’ve recently began working in lighting. I’ve already worked on a short film as a lighting gaffer (with more filming to do) using both LED and HMI lighting. I do have some equipment but not a lot

Elise Brindley Bristol, United Kingdom

Screenwriter, film blogger and producer based in Bristol with a basis in feminist cult horror. Currently working full time as a diary manager in a photography studio with some availability for creative projects.

Kyle Borg Bristol/Worthing/London, United Kingdom

I can talk your ear off about Narrative theory, that's probably why my colleagues like killing me in their films...

Ollie Uglow Bristol, United Kingdom

Commercial and narrative film & video professional and social media strategist working internationally, based in the UK. Never hesitate to get in contact with me through one of my social media pages, linked below.

Deepraj Singh Unpublished

Dance artist based in the southwest, choreographer, dancer, teacher and avid improviser

Richard Lang Unclaimed