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Hindsight (Web series)


Ella Taylor Bristol/Exeter, United Kingdom

Bristol based filmmaker wanting to make her way. Currently at Screenology


Ollie Parsons Bristol, United Kingdom

Maker of films. Whatever that may mean.


Lydia Stock Bristol, United Kingdom

Filmmaking student in Bristol. Trying to make a name in the film industry.


Jonathan Price Bristol/North wales, United Kingdom

Director of photography from north Wales working in Bristol

  • DoP
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Charlie Downes Weston-super-Mare, United Kingdom

A west country based Actor and Photographer.

  • Actor

Ben Dornan Wilson unconfirmed

  • Gaffer

Giordana Russo Bristol, United Kingdom

Bristol based filmmaker. Aspiring writer and director.


Jack Head United Kingdom

Film student at Screenology, focusing specifically on camerawork. Beginning to expand into higher level, professional work.


Michael McGrath Bristol/Birmingham, United Kingdom

An energetic and enthusiastic creative finding his feet in the film industry. Currently studying at Screenology Film School with a focus on Production

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  • Casting Director