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Happy Juice (Short film, 2020)

A drink commercial parody for a drink called happy juice which allows you to escape your sadness but has extreme side effects.

Cleave Redford-Lane Bristol, United Kingdom

I'm a writer, director and editor usually making surreal comedy as I find laughter is the best medicine for the grim bits of life, cats and Doctor Who help too

Kat Stokes Unpublished

Kieran Jenvey Bristol, United Kingdom

Filmmaker, Decision maker and coffee maker.

Nathaniel Rehman Oxford/Machester/London, United Kingdom

I am an actor and commercial model interested in all forms of media. I have acting training and experience in professional Film&TV, and theatre. I love working with others, and looking collaborate with other actors, writers and film makers.

Chris Harris-Beechey Bristol, United Kingdom

Something else, or at least that's what I've come to think. Actor and singer, looking to get more experience and jump into new projects.

Harry Nicholson Bristol, United Kingdom

Trained composer for film and media, always looking for new opportunities. I have written for a variety of film genres (documentary, drama, horror, promo) and I can work with both orchestral and electronic instruments.