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Graduates (TV drama, 2019)

A stylistic dark comedy exploring the friendship of two recent graduates through their relationship with the audience as they both break the fourth wall.

Sophie Foxley Bristol/Shrewsbury, United Kingdom

Shropshire & Bristol based producer & 1st AD. Particularly interested in comedy & LGBT content.

Thomas Adcock Bristol/Devon, United Kingdom

Filmmaker based in Bristol and Devon.

Oliver Kensit Bristol, United Kingdom

29 year old energetic male 5'10, located in Bristol. Experienced and passionate. looking to collaborate with some exciting creative people!

Jack Eastman Bristol/Hastings, United Kingdom

An eager film student looking to work on sound recording, mixing and production.

Adam T. Hipwell Bristol, United Kingdom

First Year of Filmmaking at Screenology, Bristol. Aspiring Director. Keen to get involved in all projects.

Alex Garbutt Bristol, United Kingdom

Aspiring student film maker with sound and editing experience

Lydia Stock Bristol, United Kingdom

Filmmaking student in Bristol. Trying to make a name in the film industry.