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Split Feather (Short film)

In the 1990s, after running away for 6 years, DC returns to London, a penniless chronic alcoholic, living on the streets he befriends squatting raver Nicole.

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Based on a true story this is a 12-minute short film, an excerpt from the 6000-word feature film treatment 'Split Feather'.

This project was previously titled as DC & Nicole

Jake Mason Bristol, United Kingdom

Highly motivated and always looking to stretch my abilities. I seek work that challenges me.

Dark Cloud Bristol, United Kingdom

Sixties Scoop Survivor & Storyteller

Felix Wilding Bristol/Wiltshire, United Kingdom

  • Admin
  • Producer

CINE Ultra Bristol, United Kingdom

New video production service in Bristol, UK.

Charlie Derham Bristol, United Kingdom

Constantly looking for ways to improve my own work, focusing more on the DOP role in the media profession. Currently working as a YouTube Editor for Martin Roberts!

Chris Cunnelly Unconfirmed

vibrant energetic and enthusiastic up and coming actor is hungry for experience. I'm happy to take myself out of my comfort zone and play a variety of roles which would challenge me.

George Charkviani Bristol, United Kingdom

Filmmaker based in Bristol, rooted in photography, doing and filming extreme sports

James Robert Curran Bristol, United Kingdom

James Trained at Webber Douglas Academy in London and while there appeared as Malvolio in Twelfth Night and Quentin In Arthur Miller's After The Fall.

Joanna (Asha) Weiss Bristol, United Kingdom

I am a versatile, easy to work with local actor who's really keen to involve myself with creative projects... I'm always up for a challenge!

Jake Gaule Bristol, United Kingdom

Award winning sound designer, field recordist & composer.