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BANE is back (Short film)

Bane has returned to Gotham and must collect all the venom in the city and he will stop by no means necessary.

Profile for Luke Blight


4 Actors (Street Goons)
(Any gender or age)

Role status:

Closed on 09 April, 2021

In return for:

Love and learning

Footage for show reels and an acting credit.


2 days

Monday 12th April will be a test shoot for the choreography - St. Vincent's works Thursday 15th April will be the shoot day - Alley in Bristol city centre


Based in Bristol, United Kingdom

We are looking for four actors to play street criminals undergoing a drugs deal as part of our next short. All four will involve short speaking roles and slight fight choreography as the villain known as Bane thwarts them and kills all but one of the goons.

Filming will take place in Bristol city centre and you will have access to the footage when completed for show reels etc as well as a credit in the final product.

Any further questions then don't hesitate to ask

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