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In Progress

Behind You (Short film)

Horror microshort exploring our fear of the shadows.


Alex Troman Bristol/Birmingham, United Kingdom

Writer/Director/Producer and Photographer based in Bristol looking for any work that comes my way and trying to pull my own out of thin air. I try to surround myself with people who know more about stuff than I do.

Madeline Bowers Bristol, United Kingdom

Fresh meat at Plimsoll Productions. Director/Producer/Writer. Performer and Sound Artist.

Clément Jochem Bristol, United Kingdom

I have a tendency to get too excited about details of a shot

Bobby Busvine Unpublished

  • Lead Actor (Woman)

Joe Wells Bristol, United Kingdom

Aspiring to carve a path in the wonderful world of film. A keen eye for visual storytelling, I hope to apply my academic knowledge of film and performance to help bring incredible stories to life. Also write and edit, can produce and act.

Josh Kelly Jones Bristol, United Kingdom

Aiming to be a 2nd AC, huge passion for acting and committed Dp/camera op.

  • 1st Assistant Camera
  • Spark

Dermot Fleming Bristol, United Kingdom

My main experiences are runner / PA but I’ve recently began working in lighting. I’ve already worked on a short film as a lighting gaffer (with more filming to do) using both LED and HMI lighting. I do have some equipment but not a lot

Kyle Borg Bristol/Worthing/London, United Kingdom

I can talk your ear off about Narrative theory, that's probably why my colleagues enjoy watching me die in their films... They know I'm right though

Rikki Lea Bristol, United Kingdom

Ey up creatives! I'm all in once I'm in :D