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22 Apr 2022

JustMakeIt! Film Conference 2022

Bristol, United Kingdom

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3 days from 22 April, 2022

22nd April - 24th April 2022
Friday and Saturday run from 9:30 AM until 9:00 PM
Sunday runs from 9:30 AM - 4:30 PM


£75.00 - £155.00


Richmond Building

105 Queens Rd
United Kingdom

Ticket type Price
Early Bird £75.00
Sale ends 28 Feb 2022
Easy Goer £115.00
For sale 01 Mar to 31 Mar 2022
High Roller £155.00
For sale 01 Apr to 22 Apr 2022

Probably the most inspiring little film conference in the world ;-) Join us in Bristol for three days of learning, stimulation, collaboration, entertainment and general filmmaking joy!

This is an exclusive opportunity to:

  • Hear some of the leading voices in the film industry (speakers listed below) talk about their experiences and journey into filmmaking with our guest talks.
  • Watch compelling short films by talented newcomers.
  • Talk to filmmakers about their work with our evening film screenings with Q&A's.
  • Eat from some of the city's most renowned food businesses hosted on-site.
  • Network with other attendees and share ideas for upcoming projects.
  • Enjoy live entertainment from Bristol's vibrant music scene.

The CAHOOTIFY JustMakeIt! Conference is your chance to get inspired and get involved! We want to encourage you to make your film projects happen, with this opportunity to hear from professionals who have been there and done it already.

Each day will feature 4 talks, running for around 45 minutes each, alongside our film screenings and music performances. There will be regular breaks for attendees to talk to one another and explore our collaboration area and food and drinks options.

The speakers we have so far are listed below (more to be confirmed). Download the brochure for more info.

Grab your early bird tickets while you can, and see you there!

Line Up

Bashart Malik
  • Speaker
  • Beating The Odds

    Being an indie filmmaker is a struggle but worth every battle. Referencing his own journeys with "I Am Judah", his food justice project and others, Bash will cover how to make your passion project regardless of funding, telling your story, the indie route to financing a film, sponsorship and more.

    Gavin Strange
  • Speaker
  • An Eclectic, Colourful and Sprawling Look at Creativity 

    The personal journey and lessons learned from director/designer Gavin Strange.

    Matthew Graham
  • Speaker
  • A Writer's Transition

    How to go from being a UK screenwriter to a US-style showrunner.

    Paul Viragh
  • Speaker
  • Story versus Plot

    What are the definitions of story and plot? Both are essential but they're not the same...

    Freya Billington
  • Speaker
  • Reaching the Dream Team

    Filmmaking is utterly collaborative. It requires creative entities to come together into one strong unit. So how do you find a way to best communicate with very different people working in very different fields?

    Robin Mukherjee
  • Speaker
  • The Art of Subtext

    How to write what is not written, speak what is unspeakable and hear the unheard.

    Michael Jenkins
  • Speaker
  • Stop Chatting S**t Up and Make It Happen!!

    The highs and lows of navigating the industry whilst making stuff you care about.

    Mena Fombo
  • Speaker
  • Presenting with Mike above

    Mena is a global speaker, diversity and inclusion facilitator, coach and consultant.

    Oliver Mochizuki
  • Speaker
  • How to Crowdfund $50,000 for a Feature Film 

    Plus general advice on film and TV funding from a crowdfunding and media financing expert.

    Dr Kathryn Friedlander
  • Speaker
  • Creativity in the Filmmaking Context

    An interactive session exploring divergent thinking, mental rehearsal, conceptual expansion and personality traits.

    Vex Ashley
  • Speaker
  • Topic to be confirmed

    Vex Ashley is a performer, director and producer of the ‘Four Chambers’ project making sexually explicit films in collaboration with her partner and other performers.


    Merlin Goldman

    As a local filmmaker and friend of Screenology, it's great to see this event happening, and it being in Bristol is a bonus.

    • Director
    • Writer
    • Producer
    • Seeking
    • Creative Director
    • Theatre Director
    • Director Of Photography
    • Creative Producer
    • Film Production

    Evelyn Bonella

    I have a number of film projects and interest from award winning producers in USA and Europe.

    • Actor
    • Seeking
    • Director
    • Editor
    • Co-producer
    • Filmmaker
    • Production Coordinator

    Maddie Bowers

    Documentary Researcher at Plimsoll Productions. Bristol based indie film writer/director/producer. Producer of "Iris [2021]" short film that will be shown.