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Tyler Wilson Bristol, United Kingdom

Freelancer with personal interest in mental health. (Check out Youtube channel 'Psychotic Movie Database'.) I have experience in filming events, training videos and music videos for clients. I have also directed and presented documentaries

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I have an interest in how technology can help someone in their recovery. In my personal experience I have found film very helpful. Watching films offered me a chance of brief escapism when I was struggling. I am a massive fan of thrillers and horrors which were helpful if I was feeling anxious as I would instead welcome my anxiety rather than fight it. As I do make films as well I find going out with a camera and simply filming very therapeutic. I now use my skills to create short documentaries around mental health as well as short videos with quick tips on well-being. They’re all available on my youtube channel Psychotic Movie Database.

I would recommend:

Surreal Reality: (Documentary on psychosis)

Hazards Ahead: (Documentary on student well-being)

From the two documentaries above I learned how to keep an interviewee comfortable when talking about a sensitive subject. For me it was always key to let them know they were running the interview and they only had to be as open as they wished. I stuck to this even after filming making sure everyone was happy with the edit before releasing it online. I also always make sure the stories I tell are told by the people who struggled rather than from an experts perspective. I feel this creates more raw and genuine depiction of mental health issues. This is something main stream media often leaves out.

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