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Witch Hazel (Short film)

How far would you go to scratch an itch?

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Body horror microshort inspired by The Fly (1986) and The Big Shave (1967). We follow the journey of a single character throughout his struggles to rid himself of a persistent itch. As the disease takes over his body, how far will he go to feel himself again?


Alex Troman Bristol, United Kingdom

Writer/Director/Producer and co-founder of InFilm Bristol at the University of Bristol. I try to surround myself with people who know more about stuff than I do.


Will Rowe Unconfirmed

Location Sound recordist/post production Sound mixer. Ample experience on low budget shoots. Can provide Zoom F4 recorder and shotgun/boom poles where needed.

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Josh Kelly Jones Unconfirmed

Hunter S Thompson - "When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro."

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Dermot Fleming Bristol, United Kingdom

My main experiences are runner / PA but I’ve recently began working in lighting. I’ve already worked on a short film as a lighting gaffer (with more filming to do) using both LED and HMI lighting. I do have some equipment but not a lot


Joe Wells Bristol, United Kingdom

Aspiring to carve a path in the wonderful world of film. A keen eye for visual storytelling, I hope to apply my academic knowledge of film and performance to help bring incredible stories to life. Also write and edit, can produce and act.