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What the Diva (Short film)

Young man, unemployed and depressed, tries to impress an old love interest by entering a drag show she organises. But his quest becomes his biggest life lesson.

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A young man loses his job in a boring suburban town, now in his thirties, he seems to be coasting life down the path of no hope nor joy. But on one random night, he bumps into an old love interest and his world turns upside down. He has one more chance to win her back before she is set to leave town by entering her very own drag contest, organised to raise money for a local charity. Only two things that stand in his way, her incredibly annoying yet simple boyfriend and Brad's own self-sabotaging doubt. Does Brad have what it takes to even show up on the night? What was initially meant to be a place to impress his former girlfriend soon becomes the biggest life lesson he'll ever face.

Mark Gillham Bristol/London, United Kingdom

Bristol based actor. Recently played a lead in upcoming feature "This is the Night Mail" directed by Joanne Raey. Mark is represented by Paola Farino.