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We Cannot See In The Dark (Short film)

A couple goes to visit a friend for dinner at her house. But a revelations and curiosity leads them to glimpse something dark and not meant for human eyes.


Clément Jochem Bristol, United Kingdom

I have a tendency to get too excited about details of a shot


Alex van Leeuwen London, United Kingdom

I love lamp

  • Executive Producer

Calum Bradshaw London/Bristol/Cheltenham, United Kingdom

Writer/Director/Camera department. I always remember to take the lens cap off.


Daniel Curtis Bristol/Oxford/London, United Kingdom

1st AD/Writer/Director. Please actually read my call sheets, I make them for a reason.


Monaya Abel United Kingdom

President of the Roger Deakins fan club.


Elli Purse Bristol, United Kingdom

Lover of Latex. Art department human. Sometime first AD.

  • Art Director
  • SFX Makeup Artist

Chris Hepburn Bristol/Birmingham, United Kingdom

Independent Artist turned Photographer & Designer, over 20 years music industry management, design & promo experience. 10 years fashion & costume stylist & direction. Creative project management with some acting experience.

  • Actor (Lucien)

Fern Gasson Bristol, United Kingdom

I am a Professional Model with more than than 7 years experience and also an Experienced Actress with previous paid speaking roles and I have worked on music videos as a Solo Actress. You can find a list of my achievements below


Liz Kelly Bristol, United Kingdom

I am a Bristol based actor actively looking for new projects and opportunities and willing to travel.


Will Rowe Unconfirmed

Location Sound recordist/post production Sound mixer. Ample experience on low budget shoots. Can provide Zoom F4 recorder and shotgun/boom poles where needed.


Louis Fleury Unconfirmed

I'm a film student at the University of Bristol with experience in acting, directing, writing and camera work. I'm looking for opportunities to get involved in lots of projects and expand my horizons.

  • 2nd Assistant Camera

Kyle Borg Bristol/Worthing/London, United Kingdom

I write, direct, do a little editing, some producing here or there. Occasionally I hold a boom pole or a sound mixer. Occasionally I'm in shot (usually intentionally). I studied film for 5 years of my life, so now I want to make films.