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(Male, 20 to 25 years old)

Role status:

Will close on 13 February, 2020

In return for:

GBP £80 per day

Expenses will also be paid. Payment will be sent after the day of filming.


1 day

Shooting will be one day in January or early February in North Bristol – A Sunday or Monday of your choice.


Based in Bristol, United Kingdom

If McCann Can Then So Can You

Comedy series.
Two wannabe Pick Up Artists create their own educational series on how to attract women in new wave feminist Britain.
The aim is to call out toxic masculinity.
The proof of concept will be sent to potential commissioners and production companies with the aim of working towards creating a pilot and series.

Shooting will be one day in January or early February in North Bristol – A Sunday or Monday of your choice.
Deadline for application is Monday 13th January at 12pm.
The project will be shot in Bristol, by Bristolians, with Bristol talent. This is very important.

At the moment, pay is £80 per day plus expenses for the proof of concept. If commissioners bite then pay and filming duration will go up with the full pilot and series.
Showreel footage will be provided once we have created the proof of concept.

Character notes:
BRETT, early 20s, Bristolian.
Playing age 20-25
Height 5’8+
Any ethnicity.
Must be able to do a genuine Bristol or West Country accent and/or have a connection to Bristol. A native Bristol accent is preferable.

Aspiring pick up artist and ladies' man - in his own mind. He believes he is Alpha male but there still has to be a likability and elements of childishness so he doesn’t come across as overly villainous.
Best friend of Max McCann and his 'mentor' in how to talk to women.

Please make sure you have a headshot in your profile, attach a CV and preferably a showreel embedded in your portfolio.

Please flag in your expression of interesnt if you have a native Bristolian accent and a Bristol base. Please also flag briefly if you have comedy experience, rap/singing skills and a special skill, which may be expanded on if we are successful in taking this project further.

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