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Arcadia (Utopia Inspired Pilot) (Web series)

"There are no sides. Only people who help you and people who don't."

Jacob Bryant Bristol, United Kingdom

Videographer and Sound techie based in Bristol

Finn James Bristol, United Kingdom

An aspiring ambitious film student screenwriter, looking for as much experience and opportunity as possible!

  • Scriptwriter

Ria Bale Bristol, United Kingdom

Freelance Runner & Editor based in Bristol

Vivian Barton Unconfirmed

Hot fire student director/ editor looking for experience in all aspects of film-making.

  • Production Designer

Amber Grieve Bristol, United Kingdom

Student at Screenology finding her feet in the industry! Aspiring editor and sound designer, up for anything and everything!

  • Sound Mixer

Jack Eastman Bristol/Hastings, United Kingdom

An eager film student looking to work on sound recording, mixing and production.

Ben Waring Unconfirmed

  • Storyboard Artist

Brandon Shears Unconfirmed

An inspiring filmmaker who's determined to prove his worth in the industry. @Screenology

Joel Wisdom-Peters Unconfirmed

Aiming to show emotion visually. I have not updated my Cahootify page in a long while, message me for a show reel.

  • Gaffer

Ryan Malcolm Unconfirmed

  • 1st Assistant Director