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Camera Operator

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Will close on 09 June, 2019

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Love and learning


Based in Bristol, United Kingdom


I am putting together a showcase opportunity for University audiovisual students just like me, who have come to the end of their course and are looking for opportunities to show their portfolios to industry professionals and collaborators.

I was originally planning to do this alone, but I realise that if I can find others like me, there is going to be a better chance that people working in the industry will show up, because there will be more to see!

So click the link in my account bio and get involved. I plan to notify every production company in the Bristol area really, so get involved and let’s make this work.

If you want to show your portfolio send me a message, the event will be at Elm Park Leisure Centre in Filton, Bristol between 17:30 and 19:30 on Wednesday, June 12.

I will also be trying to raise awareness about Medicinema, which installs cinemas in hospitals and helps patients see movies – it is a great cause.

Please note: I will be inviting as many production companies and industry practitioners as possible. However, there is no guarantee that they will be at the event.

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