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Two For Joy (Short film, 2019)

A bittersweet romance unfurls when two musicians connect through melody. Will their love end in birdsong or are they destined for sorrow?

Full Project Team and Needs


(18 to 20 years old)

Role status:


In return for:

Love and learning

You will have access to the finished piece to use at your leisure. You will gain experience devising and acting for the screen. Food will be provided on all shoot days and we look forward to an engaging and collaborative experience!


2 weeks from 05 November, 2019

Shoot dates will be spread between the 4th-14th of November.


Based in Bristol, United Kingdom

Charlie lives with their family. They are introverted, kind and possess a great love of music. Charlie leads an ordinary life until Marsia ignites a new feeling, something rare and undiscovered, love.

Must play guitar or be willing to learn a piece. Must be comfortable with moderate levels of intimacy.

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