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The Retreat (Short film, 2020)

Struggling to cope with the aftermath of a traumatic event a young woman seeks out the help of a highly secretive retreat lead by a shadowy female figure.

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Cinematographer: Sonja Huttunen

Editor: Lesley Posso

Composer: Oliver Wegmuller

Sound Designer: Dominika Latusek

Online Editor/Colour Grader: Nigel Tadyanehondo

CG Artist: Pietro Abati

Production Manager: Emily Farrell, Niamh Broderick

Sound Recordist: David Jauregui


Mia - Iniki Mariano

Echo - Charlotte Palmer

John - Daniel Copeland

Christopher - Tamati Phethean

Woman - Taylah Schofield

Finley - Ryan Handley

Dominika Latusek London, United Kingdom

A professional Sound Designer for Film, TV and Games. Recent NFTS Alumni. Classical/Crossover & Session Violinist. Casual music composer. Sound Designer at Cahootify.

Marcus Anthony Thomas Unclaimed

Jordi Morrera Unclaimed

Oliver Wegmüller Unclaimed