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The Prevention Line (Full Film) (Short film)

Sarah works at a suicide helpline. When a young girl calls the helpline, Sarah's life may be changed forever

Full Project Team and Needs


(Male, 21 to 30 years old)

Role status:

Closed on 05 October, 2021

In return for:

Love and learning + expenses


3 days from 25 October, 2021


Based in Bristol, United Kingdom


Aged between 21-35. Will is Sarah's boyfriend, he is supportive and is always lightening the heavy subject matter with his comedic statements. We are looking for someone with excellent timing who can create good chemistry with the actress who plays Sarah. The script is very wordy so you need to be good at memorising lines due to the intense filming schedule.

We will be shooting at various locations around Bristol. Our primary filming days are on the Monday 25th and Tuesday 26th, but we would also need you to be available on Wednesday 27th for any reshoots that may be required. Given the limited budget, we are looking for actors local to Bristol.

Unfortunately this is an Unpaid role, but will provide food and pay for reasonable travel expenses. However the Film can be provided for showreel use when completed. A prototype of 'The Prevention Line' can be seen on the Katie Toon Productions YouTube channel.

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