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The Man Who Loved Flowers (Short film)

Based upon a short story by Stephen King. A man works on a love poem for his girlfriend, and things soon takes a twisted turn when he professes his love to her.


Charlie Mason Bristol, United Kingdom

Award-winning Director. Screenology Film School graduate. Bristol-based.


Seb Wolfe Swindon, United Kingdom

I'm a writer. To me a script is like music, I look for the rhythm in it. This is how it makes sense to me and why I love to script edit. I have also produced, directed & 1stAD. I have an MA in creative writing and have had work produced.


Sophie Foxley Bristol/Shrewsbury, United Kingdom

Shropshire & Bristol based filmmaker. Screenology student. BFI Film Academy Alumna.


Ben Davies Bristol/Shrewsbury, United Kingdom

Freelance camera and award winning filmmaker based in Bristol. BAFTA Mentorship alumnus. RTS Award Nominee


Emilia Claire Dunne unconfirmed

19 year old Screenologist exploring what the film industry has to offer.

  • Makeup Artist

Emmely Slabon Bristol, United Kingdom

I love sound work, whether that's in the middle of a forrest on a cold day, or editing the day away in the studio.


Olga Rei Czarkwiani Bristol, United Kingdom

Bristol and Warsaw based. Sound introduces it's own narrative layer, adds depth, resonates emotions and describes spaces and worlds. Even it's lack tells a story.


Bryony Coles Bristol, United Kingdom

Aspiring Northern Irish film-maker based in Bristol

  • Behind the Scenes

Gemma Louise Elliott Bristol, United Kingdom

An aspiring prop maker and set dresser, studying in Bristol at Screenology. I am open to catering to all your crafting needs! Whether it be commercial, freelance or studio work.


Ria Bale Bristol, United Kingdom

Aspiring Filmmaker studying at Screenology

  • Location Manager

Sian Morgan Bristol, United Kingdom

Filmmaker based in Bristol.


Spencer Ellis Bristol/Leicester, United Kingdom

Video Editor with speed and precision


Tyler Cooper Exeter/Bristol, United Kingdom

Freelance Camera Operator living in the South West