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The Man in The Fields Ritual (Short film, 2020)

Nerves run high as a man attempts to complete the foreboding ‘Man in the Fields’ ritual, little does he know he is terribly underprepared.

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An unnamed man tries his hand at the intricate and ominous ‘Man in the Fields’ ritual; a ritual which requires the summoner to close every item in their house within one hour all the while being stalked from afar by a threatening sentient scarecrow. Having met all prerequisites but one, the ownership of a field of crops, his determination wavers. Regardless, he sets out to begin the ritual, and once he does, his spirits drop and his heart races. The man anxiously makes his way through his darkened house and closes all of the doors, drawers, windows and other items out of fear of what failure may entail. Just as he thinks he has finished the ritual, he inadvertently lays eyes on the foreboding scarecrow in his garden, which prompts it to animate in search of prey. The man rushes to his safe room but meets his demise shortly after realising he left one stone unturned.

Edward Bugler Nailsea/Bristol/Weston-super-Mare, United Kingdom

I am a co-operative person who is experienced in many roles within the field of film and media production. I have recently completed a BA (with honours) in Lens-Based Media at University Centre Weston.

Dan Read Unconfirmed

Experienced and friendly lighting camera op with or without full Sony FS7 kit.

Billie Joe Ingrams United Kingdom

"We're all stories in the end, so make it a good one" -Matt Smith. I'm Billie Ingrams, a professional actor/director/writer from South East London. Currently based in North Somerset!

Hannah Andrews Weston-super-Mare, United Kingdom

I am currently studying BA (Hons) Lens-Based Media at UCW. With experience of a variety of roles, though mainly focusing on producing/directing films with strong political or aesthetic qualities.

Nathan Bradbury Unconfirmed

I am a third year university student at UCW working in film, TV and music videos aspiring to become a First AD/director.