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The Genealogy of A Swindler (Web series, 2017)

P.C Robyn Banks stumbles onto an old fool trying to scam a shopkeeper. This accidental mishap leads Banks down a rabbit hole of unlikely crimes

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An original 6 episode webseries written by Ishan Sirtaj and produced by Screenology Studios. Shot on location in Bristol, over a 2 week period in November. Premiere Screening for cast on Friday 8th December. Each episode shot by an elite crew of 3 filmmakers, with directors rotating on each episode. Series airing online in 2018. PC Banks begins investigating a crime, only to uncover a whole family of con artists.


Ella Taylor Bristol/Exeter, United Kingdom

Bristol based filmmaker wanting to make her way. Currently at Screenology


Weronika Bristol, United Kingdom

Performer, writer and theater maker currently experimenting with filmmaking

Production avatar lee kemp

Lee Kemp Bristol, United Kingdom

Just completed the summer program at The NYCDA . Bristol based and a former student of the Itv west drama workshop. Been acting for over 2 years and have played various roles in film and tv , theatre , shorts/student , music video .


Lydia Victoria Rafferty-Flynn Bristol/London/Surrey/Bath, United Kingdom

Hard working dedicated actress


Megan Pritchard Bristol, United Kingdom

BSU Acting FDA Graduate.


Rachel Husband Unconfirmed

Actor, model and photographer, so happiest either side of a camera! ... though if I had to choose one I'm leaning towards the acting these days!


Raquel Grela Bristol, United Kingdom

Professional actress and theatre maker. Experience in text based theatre, physical theatre and film.


Tom Field Calne/Wiltshire, United Kingdom

Character actor