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The dead remain silent (Short film)

A hand drawn rotoscoped animated short film about Emma and Franz, two young people having an affair in 1900s Vienna and the unfortunate turn of events one night

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The story follows Emma and Franz, two young people in Vienna around 1900 having a several year long affair. They meet up for a carriage ride one autumn evening and once Franz finds their driver emptying a glass of wine in a nearby inn, their journey begins. Franz wants Emma to leave her husband, take her son Johann and go away with him to start a new life. Emma on the other hand isn't in love with Franz and wants to keep her stable life, married to a university professor. So she would rather like to keep this affair just that, an uncomplicated thing on the side and is concerned about being seen with Franz. After the driver nearly tips over the carriage they get out to walk over the long Reichs-bridge, overlooking the Danube river. On the bridge they make their intentions concerning each other clear and when Franz wants to head back home Emma takes him into her arms and kisses him long. She wants to continue the journey into the dark instead, away from the city. Just for a bit. As they get into the carriage again and fly over the road at great speed, the carriage hits a milestone and Franz and Emma are flung out. She finds herself alone in the ditch with a dead Franz beside her. When the driver appears again she sends him to the nearest settlement to get help and remains with her dead lover. The realisation that she can't be found with him hits her and slowly she tries to distance herself from him mentally and physically, by heading back to the city on her own. On the way she sees an ambulance go past her, back to her dead lover. Her thoughts go wild. She only realizes the full extent of the accident  when she arrives at home. She sneaks in unnoticed and faces her husband at the dinner table.

Until the accident a male narrator is accompanying Franz´s thoughts and actions. When he is dead, a female narrator comes in and gives us a closer look at Emma. Both narrators are either commenting or being a mouthpiece for the character's thoughts. The narration will be something between "Barry Lyndon" and "Peep show". Mid story, when the accident happens a perspective shift occurs as well. We start out following Franz, then Emma takes the focus and it turns out it's all about her. The story deals with keeping secrets and how they affect sanity and wellbeing, how they can add up to be a real burden. The dead can remain silent, what about the living?

First a prototype film utilizing the hundreds of drawings in the  storyboard and voice acting from script readthroughs will be made. As for the actual film:

The plan is to film scenes with 2-3 actors in any place which is available, framing and blocking it in the intended way without bothering about the background. Costumes will also only have to resemble the shape of the original and not be too detailed. This is the case because I plan to rotoscope the footage by hand and make an animated film out of this. As I will personally trace around you for each frame there is not even the need for a green screen to make things easier for software. It enables this period film to be set in a stylized drawn Vienna and classic animation techniques like multiple planes (for example: front of carriage, characters, back of carriage, background) for portraying depth through several 2d images. The real acting will bring this film alive as your movements and expressions can be translated into very natural looking animation. Generally I think this technique offers an almost frightening amount of possibilities and relatively simple shoot days. It also means that the full film will be finished only after a few years of animating.


Voice actor
(Male, 35 to 50 years old)

Role status:

Closed on 05 May, 2021

In return for:

Love and learning + expenses


1 day


Can work remotely

I am looking for someone to voice Emma´s husband, a character for a script read-through prototype of my upcoming film "The dead remain silent"

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