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In Progress

The Bone Pit (Short film)

A group of young explorers set off to investigate the notorious deserted coastline of Faywynne in order to disprove the existence of a legendary creature.

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J. Francis Kennedy Oxford/London, United Kingdom

Rachael Colley Bristol, United Kingdom

Interested in all aspects of the filmmaking process.

Jake Mason Bristol, United Kingdom

Highly motivated and always looking to stretch my abilities. I seek work that challenges me and I want to progress in the film industry.

CINE Ultra Bristol, United Kingdom

New video production service in Bristol, UK.

Brandon Shears Unconfirmed

An inspiring filmmaker who's determined to prove his worth in the industry. @Screenology

Joanna (Asha) Weiss Unconfirmed

I am a versatile, easy to work with local actor who's really keen to involve myself with creative projects... I'm always up for a challenge!

Sash Lake Unconfirmed

I love every aspect of filmmaking. I especially enjoy acting. I've been involved in various independent short films. I'd like to gain more experience and get involved in more projects. I'm eager to meet new people. 🙂

Tommy James Unconfirmed

I am an actor based between London and Bristol, available and eager to work. I trained in Method at drama school but have been experimenting with the meisner technique to ensure i can bring each character to life based upon their "want".

Jessica Addenbrooke Unconfirmed

I am a student studying at Screenology film school and am interested in developing all of my filmmaking skills. I aspire to be a film producer.