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That Cooking Show - Pre-Pilot (Web series, 2019)

This is the pre-pilot episode for a potential web series, showing students how to cook good meals, snacks and other food on a very tight budget.

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The main focus of the show is to show the most clueless of new students how to prepare the most simple of dishes. This is not a show for wizzes in the kitchen, but for those who would struggle to peel potatoes. While conveying a fun, comedic tones, the show will intend to educate students in how to survive the new environment they now live in after leaving the comfort of home.


Base Sixteen Bristol/Milton keynes, United Kingdom


Harrison Baillie Bristol, United Kingdom

Still learning, still creating!


Mike McCall Bristol/Torquay, United Kingdom

BA Film Student at Screenology and Producer at Base Sixteen.

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Sydney Graham Bristol/Northampton, United Kingdom

I’m currently a film student at the screenology film school in Bristol. I’m looking to specialise in mainly camera work and editing. But I’m willing to give everything a try


Jack Eastman Bristol/Hastings, United Kingdom

An eager film student looking to work on sound recording, mixing and production.


Daniel Ian Goode Bristol/Birmingham/Warwickshire, United Kingdom

Editing / Film Scoring / Camera Operator


Arriyan Wells Bristol, United Kingdom

Film Student at Screenology Film School


Benjamin Butson Bristol/South wales, United Kingdom

I was forced to make a Cahootify. So here I am.