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Stress Relief (Short film)

A Fixer is sent to a job where he is to deal with an unusual kidnap situation where the criminals have kidnapped the wrong man.

Full Project Team and Needs


Actor (Supporting Role)
(32 to 60 years old)

Role status:

Closed on 21 October, 2020

In return for:

Love and learning + expenses

I am offering to take the cast out for a group lunch to discuss the project. Will provide food and drink on set and will offer my other creative services upon request. Looking to establish a good working relationship where we can work on the character together and experiment with some techniques to produce the best performance we possibly can.


1 day

Looking to do rehearsals this month or early next month with actors and I am looking to shoot early-mid November with some flexibility based around your own personal schedule.


Based in Bristol/Bath/Cardiff/London, United Kingdom

The role is for an original supporting character named Percy "The Driver" Daniels who is the shining ray of light in this dark comedy crime-thriller.

A bright light of positivity in work so gritty and grim that it’s hard to not smile when in his/her presence. It’s likely that at some point Percy understood that the best way of living this life is with a smile rather than acknowledging what’s going around his life – however, the best way of looking at Percy is as a ray of light – someone who has got out of being involved in the worst stuff, and now appreciates what they actually have. What Percy has is a moderately-paid job, a working car, a stack of magazines under his car seat and a positive, but still difficult, working relationship with Chris Kruger (something that is difficult to obtain, let alone maintain).

The role is not specific of gender and could be played by a younger person if you really believe you can bring something to the role.

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