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Stories Of You and I (Short Science&Natural History Film, 2021)

Narrated by Jonathan Pryce, the film is an open letter to the Earth, remembering a life of infatuation with nature around the British isles.

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Narrator - Jonathan Pryce


Director/Producer/Camera - John Davies

Associate Producer - Michelle Brøndum

Editor - Mira Thu

Sound Designer - Markus Andreas

Composer - Oliver Wegmuller

Dubbing Mixer - Dominika Latusek

VFX Supervisor - Carina Carlsson

Colourist/Online Editor - Francis Qureshi

Dominika Latusek London, United Kingdom

A professional Sound Designer for Film, TV and Games. Recent NFTS Alumni. Classical/Crossover & Session Violinist. Casual music composer. Sound Designer at Cahootify.

Oliver Wegmüller Unclaimed

Mira Thu Unclaimed

Markus Andreas Unclaimed

Francis Qureshi Unclaimed

Michelle Brøndum Unclaimed