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(Female, 19 to 30 years old)

Role status:

Closed on 02 April, 2021

In return for:

Love and learning


Based in Bristol, United Kingdom

I am working on a project called The Execution and I am searching for a female, aged between 19 - 30 to play a sort of Queen/Boss figure. This is a non-dialogue film and there is no script but it’s a fairly easy role. You don’t really have to do too much. The film project is very experimental and we take a lot of inspiration from The Lighthouse (2019), Bait (2019) and Midsommar (2019). We will be shooting outside on location in Bristol in the month of June. If this sounds interesting to you please let me know.

We also shot a prototype of the film, I'll send you a link if you want to see it. I can't link it on here for some reason.

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