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Potholes (Short film)

Two starkly different Somerset residents quickly find themselves at odds with one another's views.

Full Project Team and Needs
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When two starkly different Somerset residents - a non-binary, female-assigned 20-something and a 60-something cis-gendered man - are both early to attend a local meeting in a village hall they quickly find themselves at odds with one another’s world views after the 20-something discloses that they are non-binary.


Male Actor
(Male, 60 to 75 years old)

Role status:

Will close on 30 July, 2022

In return for:

Money, fee to be discussed


Based in Langport, United Kingdom

PLEASE NOTE; without a showreel, I CANNOT offer an audition or send a copy of the script. If you only have full length work displayed on your profile, please consider getting a showreel made up, I cannot watch various actors full work and therefore will not be able to consider you. 

What I require: 

Sam-He is anywhere from 65-75 years of age, RP/well spoken accent, White. The actor must be able to strike the balance between somewhat forthright yet likeable and with heart. Done so naturaly and believably is imperative, no hamminess. Bill Nighy, Mark Rylance, Jim Broadbent are good examples of actors that have successfully struck this balance. I require an actor that is malleable and happy to have fun trying out different things, particularly regarding the delivery of the final line.

More about the character:

60/70-something Sam is a lifelong Somerset resident who has lived in the village for years and is a pillar of the community. He’s a kind and caring man who is always the first to help any fellow resident in need, but his outlook on those who are different to him and his community can often lead to ill-advised questioning and, perhaps, naive judgement.

Sam-He keeps himself busy with village activities but at night he goes home to an empty house, perhaps a widower or a divorcee. He therefore can find himself bursting at the seams to talk, sometimes leading to overzealousness, perhaps even nosiness, though completely unintended to cause upset.

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