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Red Light Situation (Music video, 2022)

Get a life, get a death, get out of the cage. While you've still got a breath, get out.

Full Project Team and Needs
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This song is about the erosion of civil liberties worldwide and is an urgent call to wake up and take notice.

We have a rough concept, which will be further fleshed out by the wider creative team. The concept is:

  • A protagonist is stuck at a red light in the middle of nowhere. They grow increasingly irate as they look into their rear view mirrors and become acutely aware of the red light situation we are facing both in the wider world and in Bristol.

  • We use the car mirrors and the red light as portals into two narrative threads:

  • The first thread will consist of examples of the red light situation globally - examples which reflect the scale of the situation we are facing with increasing police powers and our freedoms being crushed. These can be any of fresh live footage,  graphically created images/animations, or found footage.

  • The second thread will be more intimate and personal, profiling individuals involved in the struggle against the above developments and/or negatively impacted by them, and centred around Bristol (the city where The Cides project was founded).

  • The car scene builds up as the scale of the situation dawns on the protagonist. The music video reaches a climax in some form, for example the protagonist leaving their car and running through the red light.


Director / DoP

Role status:

Closed on 03 July, 2022

In return for:

GBP £250 per day

Invoice paid within 14 days.


2 days from 11 July, 2022

Production meeting around 29 June. Shoot during the week of 11th - 14th July. Exact dates TBC by mutual agreement.


Based in Bristol, United Kingdom

Please see "More On Project" above for a rough summary of our concept so far.

The selected creative will very much play a part in honing or even superseding that concept and storyboard.

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