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Phoenix Forever 2035 (Feature film, 2018)

PHOENIX FOREVER an action, sci-fi film set in a dystopian near-future UK; a world where government has collapsed and what’s left is ruled by powerful gang lords

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PHOENIX FOREVER is a action, sci-fi movie set in a dystopian near-future UK; a world where government has collapsed and what’s left of society is ruled over by powerful gang lords.

Niki is an expert thief and lone-wolf survivalist. In order to clear her debts to gang boss Angel, she must infiltrate the HQ of notorious cult leader Phoenix and steal his prize possession - a mysterious black object - with the help of young Billy, a former Phoenix devotee, and under the watchful eye of Hardy, a violent gang member who must make sure Angel’s orders are carried out.

But after running into resistance from Phoenix’s gang of violent, young raiders the simple heist job takes a strange turn when Niki discovers the true power of the object - the power to reverse time, to undo her mistakes and correct the future.

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This is a 15 minutes extract from a planned feature film which I created as my final year project at university. 

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Sara Kingdom Bristol, United Kingdom

Freelance filmaker; Director, 1ad and camera.

Jacob Pantastico Bryant Bristol, United Kingdom

Jacob is a videographer and sound techie based in Bristol.

Isabelle Larché Bristol/London, United Kingdom

Bristol and London-based award-winning filmmaker. Let’s collab!

Daniel Patrick Hempshall Bristol/Sheffield, United Kingdom

Got to love the hands on jobs.

Christian Frank Rowbotham Duran Bristol, United Kingdom

Experienced, trained and dedicated 23 years old actor located in Bristol, for the sake of passion towards Film, Television and theatre.

Julia Seroka Bristol, United Kingdom

I do some freelance acting out of love for performance

Olga Rei Czarkwiani Bristol, United Kingdom

Bristol and Warsaw based. Sound introduces it's own narrative layer, adds depth, resonates emotions and describes spaces and worlds. Even it's lack tells a story.

Ben Davies Bristol/Shrewsbury, United Kingdom

Ben Davies is a director of Photography based in the UK with extensive experience on high-end television drama along with numerous short films. Currently producing videography with DoesitFeelgood .com

Jack Head Bristol, United Kingdom

Focused on camerawork and cinematography

Tyler Cooper Exeter/Bristol, United Kingdom

Freelance Camera Operator living in the South West