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Muse (45min short, 2021)

1980. A bright young photographer is pushed to the edge by his teacher's seductive philosophies, all in the name of great Art.

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George - Laurie Kynaston

Lindsay - Gerald Kyd

Bonnie - Hannah Khalique-Brown

Frankie - Jake Dunn

Mary - Kat Ronney

Diana - Kimani Arthur

Oliver - George Greenland

Miss White - Jacqueline Grace Gosney

Sandra - Jo Ball


Director/Writer - Lisa Clarkson

Producer - Jack Pollington

Cinematographer - Charlie Jenkins

Production Designer - Eve Finnie

Assistant Directors - Grace Nicholls, Rachel Carr

Production Manager - Nia Campbell

Editor - Waltteri Vanhanen

Production Sound Mixer - Kim Bradfield

1st Assistant Sound - Max Lipscombe

Sound Designer/Dubbing Mixer - Dominika Latusek

Composer - Alastair McNamara

Prop Graphics/Art Assistant/Motion Graphics and Titles Designer - Emma Beinish

Colourist/Online Editor - Francis Qureshi

Dominika Latusek London, United Kingdom

A professional Sound Designer for Film, TV and Games. Recent NFTS Alumni. Classical/Crossover & Session Violinist. Casual music composer. Sound Designer at Cahootify.

Lisa Clarkson Unclaimed

Jack Pollington Unclaimed

Charlie Jenkins Unclaimed

Waltteri Vanhanen Unclaimed

Kim Bradfield Unclaimed