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Ministry of the Mind (Short film, 2020)

Jack has lost control of his life to an overbearing force inside his own head, and it's about to take the last good thing he has left.

Joe Wells Bristol, United Kingdom

Aspiring to carve a path in the wonderful world of film. A keen eye for visual storytelling, I hope to apply my academic knowledge of film and performance to help bring incredible stories to life. Also write and edit, can produce and act.

Charlie Hughes Bristol, United Kingdom

Fresh out of university, eager to hit the ground running and get involved.

Mark James London/Bristol/Bath, United Kingdom

London based Director of photography working on Narrative and promo work

Anna Romcke Hoiseth Bristol, United Kingdom

Fresh and dedicated actress always on the look out for new projects to get involved in!

Deri Evans Bristol/London, United Kingdom

25 y/o Actor. Meisner Trained. Always looking to tell amazing stories and pursue my passion for acting.

Katrina Rose Bath/Bristol, United Kingdom

A versatile, youthful, mature and thoughtful actor with a number of other skills including singing, writing and filmmaking

Matthew Gilpin Bristol, United Kingdom

An award-winning Writer/Director, Editor and aspiring actor, looking to gain experience in every facet of filmmaking.

Richard Sullivan Bristol/Cardiff/London/Anywhere, United Kingdom

Experienced actor with several film and tv credits. I’m 52, an American living in Bristol and have a playing age of 35-45. Physical fit and have several unique skill sets, stunts, stage combat and firearms training.

Declan Mc Crory Belfast, United Kingdom

I recently completed my MA at Bath Spa University in Sound Design. I am a multi-instrumentalist and primary songwriter for the band Alice Signal Fires as well as writing and recording for other short productions.

Jack Eastman Bristol/Hastings, United Kingdom

An eager film student looking to work on sound recording, mixing and production.

Jacob Pantastico Bryant Bristol, United Kingdom

Videographer and Sound techie based in Bristol