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Midgarth Part 1: Rise (2019)

A mini series where music replaces words. Set in wild landscapes, Midgarth is a bewitching ritual.

Full Project Team and Needs


Concept Artist

Role status:

Closed on 05 June, 2019

In return for:

Love and learning

A copy of the film, credit, and we may be able to offer a small payment (depending on budget).


2 weeks

(Timing depends on how long each element would take)


Can work remotely

We're looking for a talented individual that can help create some art that will aide in set dressing, costume design, and filming. We're particularly looking for someone who will be able to emulate a medieval/folklore essence, whilst bringing their own creative style into the mix.

All concepts will be carried forward and used throughout the entirety of the production, including post.
If you think you can help, feel free to get in touch!

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