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Meadow Park (Feature film)

When Bosh is left a string of items from his missing sister, he must make the journey through traumatic memories to understand what she's trying to tell him.

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Meadow Park is a British Drama with social realist aspects.
Set in a caravan camp site, the film follows the journey of Bosh who has been left a string of item by his missing sister which trigger suppressed and traumatic memories which he has to battle through to understand what she's trying to tell him.

The film will use natural elements, lighting, setting, etc. to the max to give an natural and organic feel and to show what can be done with the natural world and the technology we've created.

Filming will take place over March and April (the back-end of winter to resemble Bosh's isolation and the start of spring to represents Bosh's new life due to the journey he takes).

The script is currently being written by Sharon Clark, Creative Director of Raucous Theatre.



Spencer Ellis Bristol / Leicester, United Kingdom

Filmmaker. Trying my hand at Photography. Should be a Life coach...