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Maladaptive (Short film, 2019)

A woman, abandoned, is confronted by the very person who left her. Confused and torn apart, she entices them to stay, slowly revealing her new found mania.

InFilm Bristol Bristol, United Kingdom

InFilm Bristol is a University of Bristol student led society, facilitating the production of films by upcoming student film makers, as well as being a platform for them to reach out to the wider film making world.

Madeline Bowers Bristol, United Kingdom

Fresh meat at Plimsoll Productions. Writer/Director/Producer. Performer and Sound Artist.

Monaya Abel United Kingdom

President of the Roger Deakins fan club.

Rebecca Orton Bristol, United Kingdom

Inspired by all things bizarre, backwards, and surreal. Excited by all things original and beautiful.

Ellen Purse Bristol, United Kingdom

Ellen Purse has worked in various different roles on both professional and student shoots. She has a positive, hard working, attitude. that means she is always ready to learn and improve her craft.