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Leftovers (Short film, 2019)

There's a dead elephant in the room as distant mother Eirene and shaken daughter Eliot are forced to travel back to their holiday home.


Sam Anghelides Bristol/Southampton, United Kingdom

I do a little bit of everything to do w/ film. Known by some as 'Sam Angl' and others as 'who?'.


Will Rowe Bristol/Huddersfield/London, United Kingdom

Location Sound recordist/post production Sound mixer. Ample experience on low budget shoots. Can provide Zoom F4 recorder and shotgun/boom poles where needed.


Monaya Abel United Kingdom

President of the Roger Deakins fan club.


Clément Jochem Bristol, United Kingdom

I have a tendency to get too excited about details of a shot


Elli Purse Bristol, United Kingdom

Art department human.