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In Progress

"LAST YEAR" (Short film)

5 Students struggle with the pressure of growing up and becoming adults.

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Jack Twell Bristol, United Kingdom

Everyone has a story to tell. We just need to listen

Tyron D'mello United Kingdom

Peter Jackson’s remake of King Kong is one of my most memorable films of all time because it was my first cinema-going experience.

Benjamin Bartlett Unconfirmed

Filmmaker, studying at Screenology Film School. I have a theater background in performing. I now write, direct and produce film. Interested in getting experience of making great films.

Dan Fox Bristol, United Kingdom

Documentary and fiction filmmaker based in Bristol, UK and studying at Screenology Film School.

Zenna Alsop Howard Unconfirmed

I make a lot of props and films and things... lets collaborate!!

Delia Stan Unconfirmed

Student filmmaker

  • 2nd Assistant Director

Sarah Aboubakar Bristol, United Kingdom

A young friendly AD looking to collaborate with other great people!

  • 1st Assistant Director