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Writer ScriptWriter (Female)

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Will close on 05 June, 2020

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Profit share


Can work remotely

I would really like a Female writer's input on some romantic comedy series scripts I have been working on. It has both the female and male perspectives about modern dating but I feel the female parts are severely lacking. I will warn you now there is a fantastical element to the story that brings most of the comedy and originality to the story.
If you are interested I will send you scripts to read and change as you see fit and if you are happy we can push on with the project together from there. Hope to hear from you soon.

What if the most important aspect of our lives was being sabotaged...........
Imagine if the cast of the IT Crowd had total control over the love lives of Romeo and Juliet? Welcome to the world of Sex Gremlins, a world just like our own but with the addition of little creatures that will do anything to mess up one of our oldest and most popular pastimes.

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